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The Archer's Edge Owner Steve McBridge takes Elk and Mule Deer with Ramcat
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#2 Bison In The World
"#2 in the world bison spot and stalk! "RamCat" all the way!"


Chase Fulcher 2013 Bison Hunt

Bowhunter Magazine Equipment Editor comments on the Ramcat!
"I just thought I'd drop you an email and let you know that I've had quite a few different people come to my house to tune broadheads. I have a lot of people that rely on me to let them shoot the varying broadheads I've got so that they can figure out what works best out of their bows. I have yet to see a bow that didn't shoot the Ramcats perfectly. It is, quite honestly, extremely impressive. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that. 

Thanks for everything!"
-- Tony Peterson
Equipment Editor
Bowhunter Magazine

"I was with "High Plains Adventure" and I was his first client to successfully kill a buffalo with a bow. He had others that started with a bow but finished with a rifle because they wouldn't go down. They are an extremely tough animal. My first shot was just behind the shoulder and it buried fletch deep. My second shot was at 76 yards quartering away and I hit him in the last rib, breaking the rib, and then lodging in the far side shoulder. Even though he was walking dead I put the last arrow in him at 25 yards which completely passed through. I shoot a bowtech Invasion at 63 lbs. with a 425 grain arrow. Out of the three arrows through such a thick skinned animal only one blade was bent and it was the one stuck in the far side shoulder that had already broke through a rib."
-- Brent Morrill
2011 Colorado Buffalo Hunt



"As an outdoor writer and lifelong bowhunter I have had the opportunity to try many different broadheads.  As you know there are a lot of good broadheads on the market and when I had the opportunity to try the RamCat broadhead this year I felt sure it was another "good" broadhead, however I must admit I was in for a real shock.

First of all I found the RamCat extremely accurate.  While many archers are fixated with broadheads that group like their field points I never got hung up on that.  In the past if I could get a broadhead flying accurately and holding tight groups I had no problem moving my sight if the point of impact did not match my field points.  Imagine my surprise when I found the RamCats doing both.  I had no problem holding 2 1/2 inch groups with the RamCats from 40 yards.  While I was pleased with the groups I was shocked when they hit dead center using my field tip sight settings.  Very impressive!

Normally with any broadhead I have a flyer or two during any shooting session.  This did not happen with the RamCat.  It is one of the most stable flying heads I have ever shot.

The proof of any broadhead is under actual hunting conditions and I got that opportunity during the first week of the Pennsylvania season when a nice eight point presented a shot.  The blood trail was easy to follow and the hit devastating.  The arrow was a complete pass-thru and when I recovered it the head showed no signs of damage and if I had cleaned it up would have looked like new.

I have no problem recommending the RamCat to my readers and you can bet I will be carrying it on future hunts as well.

-- John Kasun
Outdoor Writer and Seminar Speaker.


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"Ramcat Broadheads helped Team Mathews Solocam win the Campbell Outdoor Challenge Professional Video Circuit Championship Event!"


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--Team Mathews Solocam, Campbell Outdoor Challenge shoots Ram Cat Broadheads

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Ramcat is a product of
Fulton Precision Archery

RAMCAT Hits like a Ram... Cuts like a Cat!

The Ramcat fixed blade broadhead is available and ready for shipping. The Ramcat is a hybrid fixed blade broadhead. The blades are sharpened front and rear and will roll forward to cut coming back out of the target ("Backcut"). The Ramcat is a high performance head with a stealth design. This head outperforms anything on the market in accuracy, penetration and cut diameter. These heads fly in the loaded position but if there is no pass through the blades roll forward and cut their way backout! Order online today!



Ramcat Broadheads along with other industry broadhead and bow accessory manufacturers are having their product (intellectual properties) bootlegged in China and they are being sold on the black market as “real product” when it is a cheap knockoff being sold cheap.  Please make sure you are buying our Ramcat Broadheads through an approved dealer and you should ask them to prove it!!!  Some people here in the United States are buying these knockoff heads from the black market and then taking photos and Ramcat marketing materials from our website and using this to sell cheap imitations online here in the United States.  This is damaging our reputation along with others by these individuals stealing the marketing material and intellectual properties to make a profit on something they do not own.

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FACT: The Ramcat Broadhead is the hardest hitting, most accurate broadhead on earth, with an industry leading 1 3/8" cut diameter for the 100 grain. The 125 grain has a 1 1/2" cut diameter.

Trial by Fire Outdoors – Ramcat Broadhead Review

Looks like he's checking out the Ramcat shirt!
Courtesy of The Bow Doctor's Office in Holtwood, PA


“Dear Brett,
Bowhunt America recently surveyed archery consumers all across the country. Those consumers were asked to answer the question, “What archery products proved to perform the best?” They responded to that question in 25 different archery product categories, awarding honors to candidates as follows:

Gear of the Year Gold Winners—received the most votes
Gear of the Year Silver Winners—received the second-most votes
Gear of the Year Bronze Winners—received a significant number of votes

Congratulations! Ramcat Broadheads has been awarded the following Gear of the Year Award by the readers of Bowhunt America: SILVER, Chisel-Point Fixed-Blade Broadheads

This 2013 Gear of the Year Award represents an outstanding accomplishment. Archery consumers nationwide are applauding your company and your products.

A formal announcement of all Gear of the Year winners was made in a feature article in the Bowhunt America 2012 Whitetail Guide. In that issue, readers saw and read about all of the products they voted to be the Gear of the Year winners for 2013.
Once again, congratulations! The Bowhunt America Gear of the Year Award is a crowning achievement in the area of archery equipment design and manufacturing.”

IN ADDITION, Ramcat has won BEST BUY BRONZE 2012 in Bowhunt America Survey of Archery Dealers Across the Country

Chase Fulcher's 900 lb Grizzly June 2012
Ramcat 125 Gr. Kill, 14 yard shot, passthru and 0 yard track!!!

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"I just wanted to send an email and express to you how pleased I am with your your broadhead.About 3 years ago I came across your display at the Eastern Sportsman Show in Harrisburg, PA. You were advertising your broadhead would fly like a field point with no planning, deeper penetration, and you also had100gr head with the 125gr blades on display. I am thoroughly impressed with their flight. I also use the 125gr blades on a 100gr head for a bigger cut diameter. What really impressed me was, I shot a six pointer a few weeks ago (He wasn't anything to write home about, but meat in the freezer), and upon impact it sounded like a balloon popped. As the arrow passed through I saw the blood shoot outward of the entry hole about 3 inches. Again, I just wanted to express to you how pleased I am with your broadhead. Sincerely." --Randy Merrill 


Do you watch Primal Instincts? The show will air on the Outdoor Channel Friday nights 9:30 PM,  Wed 11:30 AM, and Mon 5 PM 3rd and 4th Qtr. 
They will also air on Wild TV in Canada.

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The Ramcat outperforms anything on the market in accuracy, penetration, and a monster 1 3/8" cut diameter! No Passthrough... no problem; the blades rotate forward and create a devastating 1 3/4" backcut when it is extracted.
This head is lethal!


See Ramcat performance on Trophy Quest on the Outdoor Channel at 2:30 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on Thursday and at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday eastern time.

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Ramcat Broadheads Commercial

Trophy Quest - Brett & Chris Fulton Hog Hunt 2012

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